WASH is all about time.

How long does a 40 colour wash last?

While time is defined by the ticking of clocks, a colour wash has its own definition of existence. It starts from the moment the start button is pressed and ends when it the does its last spin.
Time frees itself from our everyday concept time.
That's why I find it interesting to listen to the full cycle of a washing machine.

Find here a collection of washing machines doing a 40 ( warm ) colour wash.

WASH will be part of ART'S BIRTHDAY 2022.


I am still interested in ( sound) contributions for this project, please do not hesitate to send me a recording of your machine doing a 40 C ( warm ) colour wash, or be so kindly to forward my request to anyone you know who could be interested to record her/his too.

How to record your washing machine ?

- Fill your washing machine with dirty coloured clothing
- Add soap & softener
- Close the door of the machine
- Select the 40 C ( warm ) program

- Place your recording device in front of the washing machine
- Adjust for a normal recording level
- Press record

- Start the washing machine
- Leave quietly the room or enjoy listening the full cycle in silence

- Keep an eye on the progress of the wash
- Stop recording when the machine is ready

How to send your recording ?

- All audio formats are welcome, please use one with good quality of audio
( min mp3 256 kb stereo )
- Its most easy by wetransfer.com (max 2 gig @ wash (at) planktone (dot) be)
- Add info about, brand, type and location

Contact ?

- wash (at) planktone (dot) be

Many thanks,


WASH thanks Floris Van Manen ( eternal support ) & Jan Pillaert ( invitation )

WASH is published as creative commons