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world fridges

a page for indivdual fridges from all over the world

how to add your fridge & street ?

First of all you have to make a recording. You need a microphone and something to record. You can use a cassette or tape-recorder, a minidisk, dat ... .

Put the microphone at the back of your fridge close to the engine and make a clean 1 minute recording of it working. If it doesn't work open the door and wait until it starts.

Go in your street and listen very careful. Try to hear what is specific. Go close to it and make your recording.

Now you can do 2 things.

You can send this recording by post,

Ward Weis
Lodewijk Gerritslaan 17
2600 Berchem

or you can send it by email.

Please contact me first if you like to do it this way at fridges@yucom.be so we can find the best way to do it.

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