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A web space dedicated to the humming sound of the refrigerator
by ward weis


mon, August 27, 2001
I created a special page for single fridges somewhere in the world. If you like to donate your fridge please contact me at fridges@yucom.be. Instructions on how to donate a fridge can also be read here

About the project

This site is all about time.

A fridge is timeless.
It hums always the same as it could have hummed yesterday or will hum tomorrow.
Walking around in a city I encounter many different things going on.
A street is defined by time. Birds are singing, or it is raining, a car or pedestrian is passing, someone is playing music, a house is being demolished ... things rarely  happen twice.

Fridges is listening to the interior, streets to the exterior. It's as opening and closing a door or window to an interior or exterior world. You can open or close those doors by clicking the squares in the the pages on this site

About the site

A ( city ) map is divided in 16 equal squares. In each of them I make a 1 minute recording of the sound of a refrigerator. Also a 1 minute sound-picture is made in the front of the house where the refridgerator was recorded .

This site is build with those recordings. By clicking the squares on the maps you can hear the sound of the refrigerators or the streets associated with the location of the fridge.

Its my intention to have this project growing. Soon Abcoude ( close to Amsterdam ) will be added. I have contacts to create Berlin, Paris and Antwerp.
I am always interested if someone likes the idea and will have her/his city added to the list. I am looking forward to support if someone is interested in recording 16 fridges & 16 streets.

You can contact me at fridges@yucom.be.

Sometimes a sonic sculpture is build with these sounds. 16 speakers plays the recordings by random.
The combination of the sounds by coincidence where determined by the monotone humming of the refrigerators as a drone and the sound images of the streets as snapshots of a moment in time.
Also 4 answering machines are added. People are asked to call one of them and tell what they have in their fridge and what they see in their street.

Here you can hear a random selection of those messages.
Also a mix in streaming audio is available.

How to add your fridge & street ?

First of all you have to make two recordings. You need a microphone and something to record. You can use a cassette or tape-recorder, a minidisk, dat ... .

1. Put the microphone at the back of your fridge close to the engine and make a clean 1 minute recording of it working. If it doesn't work open the door and wait until it starts. Can you also send me a note about the fridge: the brand, type, ... age ?

2. Go in your street and listen very careful. Try to hear what is specific. Go close to it and make your recording.

Now you can do 2 things.

You can send this recording by post,

Ward Weis
Lodewijk Gerritslaan 17
2600 Berchem

or you can send it by e-mail. Please contact me first if you like to do it this way at fridges@yucom.be so we can find the best way to do it.


This site uses real-audio.

A real player v.8 ( real-player - basic suffices) can be downloaded for free.

Sorry it needs minimum a 56k modem to retrieve some sounds quality.
You are free to download the sounds if you don't have a fast connection

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